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 About Us 


First World is a company based in Portland, Oregon, USA. The name “First World” was derived from the indigenous first people of Africa, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Americas. Our intention is to honor the clean earth that we inherited from the first people. 

The company was created in order to restore balance back to our natural resources. It is in harmony with the environment as it focuses on products made from 100% recycled paper and specialty paper such as Stone Paper. Paper has been recycled for more than 30 years, yet it is still one of the commonly found substances in the garbage. In 2012 alone, 24 million tons of paper were thrown away into the garbage. Do you think that is terrible? In 2017, 44.2 million tons of paper and paperboard were recycled (about 66% of total paper thrown away). As you can see the amount of paper being thrown away keeps rising, so is the number of trees being destroyed daily to make paper. Imagine: 500,000 trees have to be cut down so that you can have your Sunday newspapers in the U.S.! That is just one day. Unfortunately, destruction of natural rain forests is contributing a lot to climate change.

This is why First World decided to make paper products from recycled paper, making use of some of those millions of tons of paper thrown away every year. 

 Our Products 


We propose the following paper products into reusable products: office paper, copy paper, construction paper, newspaper, cardboard, mail paper, junk mail, envelopes, paper bags, cereal and cookie boxes, frozen food boxes, juice boxes and milk and juice cartons. 

Greeting cards 

Our greeting cards, which are made in the USA, are smaller than the average greeting card. They are made from 100% recycled paper and non-bleached non-chlorinated paper, they are printed with soy ink and vegetable inks, and they are reusable as a utility. In comparison, the regular greeting cards are larger, meaning that they use more paper. They are made from bleached chlorinated paper; they are printed with toxic inks and they are not reusable. They are mostly made in China. 

Other products

Other products include note cards, post cards, envelopes, posters and many more paper products. The company has expanded over the past several years to combine paper with Organic Material like Jute, Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Hemp to create Tote Bags, Jute Paper Craft Greeting Cards and Note Cards, Holiday Post Cards and other products as well. 

Technology and paper – future plans

First World will introduce a line of Patent-Pending Paper products in 2021 that will Re-Invent (combine technology with paper), Reduce (stop the waste of paper), Recycle (using paper again) and Reuse (making paper as a Utility). The company will also focus on Sustainable Packaging, in which we will be using organic material like beeswax and boxes made from mushrooms.

 Environmental Awareness 


The company website is designed to reach consumers and make them aware that they are responsible for the protection of Mother Earth. We intend to make corporations, energy companies and politicians aware and accountable for their actions. Therefore, the website is designed for Educational purposes as well. 

Some of our products are designed with strong social messages connected with current issues like violence, hate, the environment and other current issues. Finally, we would like everyone to think of future generations that will inhabit earth after most of us are gone. We sincerely hope that, by 2050, Citizens of the Planet will have restored balance to the Earth. 

Corporate Memberships

First World is:

  • A certified member of the Green America National Business Network.

  • A certified member of Trade Key, an organization that acts as a venue for organizations that trade, manufacture, sell and exhibit products globally to over 240 countries.

  • A member of the American Sustainable Business Council, a network of Businesses and Business Associations that is committed to the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. 


Mission Statement

Our paper products are made from 100% post-consumer paper that emits 25-50% less greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process than paper made with chlorine bleach. All our printing is done with non-toxic vegetable-based ink. As a practice, we design products that minimize waste. We believe in a quadruple bottom line: people, our planet, profit and social environmental justice.


About the Founder

Jeff Patterson is an inventor, designer and a visual artist. He noticed that the world has become “fast” in everything. Products being made from low quality and non biodegradable material that is destroying the environment. People buying, selling and discarding products at such a rapid pace, the environment has now become littered with paper, plastic, toxic waste, food waste, construction waste, batteries and other technological waste. High pollution content in the air/water caused by fuel, agricultural, industrial fumes and thousands of harmful chemicals. Many of these pollutants are linked to how humans are causing climate change and in turn every person, all animals and the earth is suffering.

Being an environmental activist for many years, he has realized long back that activism is not enough, and that action is required. He has decided to make a difference not only by recycling and using more biodegradable material to help the environment, but  he specifically chose to use recycled paper, jute, organic cottons, hemp, and other biodegradable materials in his products because of its versatility and abundance. First World Company hopes that you enjoy the products and contribute to keeping our climate clean.

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