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"Children and our Youth are the future of our planet. Let's help them learn about the planet, animals, the environment, and biodiversity". Being a mentor for them to understand that winning is not just about performance and success. It is also about doing what's right for the planet, right for the people, and right for the next generation.

Learning About Endangered Species


Largest of all living land animals. Has huge fanlike ears, two fingers on the end of its trunk, and large ivory tusks, which are enlarged incisor teeth. Stands as high as 11 feet and weights as much as 7 tons. Strictly vegetarian, eats about 500 pounds of food and drinks about 50 gallons of water a day. Has an acute sense of smell, but poor vision. Needs a lot of land to survive, so that the destruction of its habitat and being the object of ivory poachers makes it doubtful they can survive much longer.

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